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Brandon's S2000

The S2000 was Honda's 50th anniversary gift to itself: a celebration of Honda's racing roots and an infusion of Formula One inspired technologies and features, ranging from the digital gauge cluster to the F20C, a high-strung, four cylinder engine capable of revving to 9000 RPM.

This engine was rated one of the top ten engines four years in a row: 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. The hand-built engines featured forged pistons, fiber-reinforced cylinder sleeves, and output ~120 HP/liter, the most out of any naturally aspirated engine in the world between 1999 and 2009. The F20C would be replaced by the larger displacement F22C in the US in 2004, with the rest of the world continuing to receive the 2 liter F20C.

Brandon's AP1 is a great example of how well the cars have aged and the aftermarket potential of these wonderful machines.

Exterior: Voltex carbon front bumper Voltex canards Voltex Type 2 1700mm rear wing APR carbon mirrors Evasive spec Volk TE37 wheels Stoptech's big brake kit Volk Rays lug nuts LParkHarder Titanium wing stands Wasp Composite side splitters Fortune Auto coilovers J's Racing 70rr Plus exhaust

Interior: Recaro Pole Position Nardi personal 350mm wheel

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