Glacier / Banff / Jasper / Victoria Island

What a busy summer! Recently I went on a family vacation to various national parks in the United States and Canada - here are my photos from the trip!

This mountain goat was spotted at Glacier National Park - he was initially just a couple meters from the main path when we first spotted him!

Next up is this photo of Lake Louise at sunset. The popularity of Lake Louise and Moraine are well deserved, but also really disappointed me. To see so much natural beauty adjacent to big resorts and throngs of people really detracted from the wonder of these gorgeous glacial lakes.

The BC Wildlife park was our next visit after Banff and Jasper national parks. Here, injured animals or animals otherwise unable to survive in the wild are cared for. The bears under care here even get to try out and certify bear-proof products!

Finally, we stopped by the Olympic National Park and Hurricane Ridge on the way back to Seattle.

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